The ubiquitous first post

I have decided to blog my adventures in moving from ‘Avril Jean, system software tester’ to becoming ‘Avril E Jean, Professional Artist’.

I do hope there will be at least ONE decent adventure to blog about, mind. It would be sort of tragic if this blog were to be all about “got up today, went to work. Tested some software. Came home. Sat on Facebook for 3 hours unwinding from the pure adrenaline of software testing, and then thought ‘gosh, I’d better do some painting’. Did some painting”.

That would be mind numbingly dull.

So anyway.

I have made the long term career plan to switch from IT, which is by no means a difficult or dreadful job, to full time artist. Being rather practical and liking things like overseas holidays, eating well, and supporting my habit of internet purchases on whim, I need to spend a fair bit of time on the transition, as my past adventures in art sales have shown me that it’s very hard to make enough money to live on art alone unless one is established.

An internet presence for an artist seems to be fairly mandatory these days. I have the domain name of and – (as avriljean was taken, in rather a surreal twist by an artist in Brisbane who is very talented but utterly different from me in style, thank goodness).

I am now trying to figure out what to do with said names. Clearly i need a website, but despite the fact I’m an IT professional, I tend to have only a hazy idea about how computers work, despite being super good at breaking other people’s work (that’s a good description of my job in a nutshell. I break stuff and hand it back and say ‘broke this. fix it so i can break it in other ways’).

Rather than do what I’ve been doing and whimpering like a little puppy over what to do, i’ve got this blog now.

How is that for a first post? i guess i should have introduced myself better really. I will save that for the next post, either because

a) I’m creating an air of anticipation so you will come back or

b) it’s dinner time and I’m hungry. And dinner time means Star Trek Sunday, and this is way more attractive to me right now than thinking about what to say about myself that will go out into the interwebs and embarrass me forever.*

*What, you say, you are no embarrassed by liking Star Trek? HECK NO!