At the Airshow

I spent a large number of years paying for Foxtel, which was finally given up in disgust when they kept playing around with Star Trek episode order (not a joke, that was the killer).

One of the things I really enjoyed about the documentary channels, was “DESTROYED IN SECONDS!”  Sorry about the all-caps, you really do have to shout the name of that show.

I liked it cause there was no surprises. You knew within about 2 minutes, that the building/bridge/boat race/flood/truck on a highway covered in ice – was going to explode or catch fire or implode. Never did I see anything explode, implode, and then explode again – maybe that’s another show I never got around to seeing.

However! That being said, I loved the airshow disasters. They are always pointless and always costly and always spectacular and they come with a giant wallop of tension and abject horror.

I was minded one night to paint an airshow that went wrong.

Here it is:


All the super speccy explosions seemed to happen in Europe, so i decided to give the dudes in my picture Lederhosen and clogs, thus marrying Germany and the Netherlands (No WWII jokes to be inserted here)…. And  the planes are sentient and screaming in horror and there is a picnic full of oblivious blob children kinda sort of ignoring the whole deal cause after all, airshows and explosions happen all the time!

This is one of my favorite things I’ve done, but mostly cause they are in Lederhosen and clogs and screaming planes.