So i have about 40,000 hobbies. Ok, an exaggeration, about 39,999.

Is it ‘meta’ to paint a picture about a hobby? I guess art has been a hobby, though increasingly it’s moving to ‘career’.


Reading and Writing! Painted for a friend who also likes a bit of reading and writing. I read on the train, during meals, during shows, before bed. Books are awesome. I read SF and literature mostly, with a fair bit of non fiction random stuff thrown in. I have a bias towards real paper books, nothing as tactile. I’m not interested in holding a bit of plastic with files in it (take THAT e-reader), something is removed from the experience if it becomes just about the story and not about the book experience.

And i write a lot, in chunks. I should share a bit on this blog one time. 🙂


Knitting!  Ok, i hate knitting, I failed to get my highway badge in Brownies for two reasons: I could not skip 50 times without falling over, and I could not knit a 30cm by 30cm square that resembled either ‘knitting’ or ‘square’. However, all my friends seem to love knitting, and i do embroider, so this belongs in hobbies. To be fair, this hobby could be called ‘Cats’ – Angus, Dax, and Pumpkin all feature in the background. Yes, i am a crazy cat lady.


Jogging.  Can i modify this by saying I’m newish to jogging and I only use a treadmill, otherwise I get a hurty knee.  This picture was done back when I was using acrylics in an attempt to find a medium that didn’t make me sneeze and get rashes – now I use water based oils, that problem has abated somewhat.

I painted this picture after I saw this bloke jogging down the street. He held his hands in a very peculiar position and they seemed a bit large to me. I laughed my ass off and painted it. Not my laughed off ass, the weirdo jogger. I saw him again years later, i knew him cause of his bizzare stance. Of course someone will now write in and say ‘That’s my uncle Jack, he had a stroke and you are mean’. SORRY JACK, but it’s time to..hit the road….or…something…


Exercise – now this is one i do a lot of. Again  an older painting of someone doing push ups and their Personal Trainer Standing over them looking delighted at their pain. JUST SAYING. PT = PAIN TORTURERS.


The gym again! I guess I do a lot of gym work. I picked revolting colours for this one cause those are akin to the fitness first colours and that is where I go as it’s convenient to work and sort of (not really) to home. Notice the PT is sitting on the barbell just to make those squats just that much harder for the dude in the pink lippy. THAT’S WHAT PTs DO.

This one was painted for Steve, who has just abandoned training me to open his own crossfit –



Buying fabric. I sew love buying fabric <–see what i did there! I just finished making myself a skirt in brown silk.

I have a good scar on my thumb where i put a sewing machine needle into it and it snapped off. 2.5 hours having the bits gouged out. Put me right off using the machine for a bit! However, i now respect fast moving machines much more.

I sew a lot of my own clothes, usually from reproduction retro patterns. 1930-1950 is the right era, everything earlier looks dumb on me and most things after, i find the human body gets lost in them. I grew up in the 80s, I should not be forced to wear any more modern clothes if I don’t want to, I did my time being punished back then!


Singing. This is a picture of MonUcs, the Monash Uni Choir. Notice it’s split into Tenors, Bases, Sops, and altos, also the conductor down the front. I sang tenor in a small singing group for about 10 years. We did some good stuff. I briefly joined Monucs to do Carmina Burana many years ago, lots of fun. Singing is always something i will make my way back too when life calms down a bit and i have less other things to do (AHAHAH that is not going to happen!) until then i sing in the shower or join in a chorus of Laudate at the SCA events or sing in the car.

01011134 (2)

Woodwork. I completed level I and II woodwork at Holmesglen short courses over the last few years. I now have a shed full of tools and i’m slowly but steadily making myself stuff when I’m in the mood for some cutting and clamping. I’ve made 4 tables now (side table at the course, coffee table at home, little laptop table, and a hall table for kellie – and am about to finish off a coffee table for Laura). I’m sick of tables, will be doing something else next.  I like to use hardwood – reclaimed if possible, and i do it properly with biscuit joins and dowel joins and the like. It’s a very soothing thing to do, and actually really similar to sewing – only the things you cut out and put back together are hard, not soft.

01011121 (2)

And finally, Brewing!  This was painted for everyone’s favorite beer crafter, Dave, for his birthday last year, but I also like to brew. Though the only time I’ve done the full wort/grain process was when I got to ‘help’ Dave do me some chocolate stout. It was delicious, got drunk right up quick fast.  Usually I use kits, and I’ve started doing beer with added hops and other things to make it nicer. You can get a good home brew if you put in a bit extra. My current batch – not great, but drinkable.  I am not fond of cider, too sweet.

There are hobbies I’ve left out, like roleplaying, and collecting, and gardening, and house renovations, and fish tanking and camping. Looks like i have future work cut out for me to get all that down.