Colin the Weevil

I mentioned I write as well.

I have done two written versions of ‘Colin the Weevil’ –  a weevil who lives in a flour canister in the kitchen. He hangs out with Andy the Ant, who is next door in the sugar canister.  The first version is a child’s story, the second is the story of how Colin becomes a megalomaniac dictator cult leader and runs a chain gang of subjugated garden insects from the Great Brick BBQ in the garden, this is somewhat LESS of a child’s story, you know. It also bears a fair bit of rewriting, i will get to it when I’m done with current book.

The kids story is where Colin has a party and invites insects, I have done two sets of illustrations for this. I prefer the pencil drawings but was advised these are too sophisticated for small children to follow, so i did a fairly naff version of the same things in colour but at that point I really didn’t like them and wasn’t feeling the love. I’ve never really made any attempt to find a publisher for these.

The pencil versions:


Playing ‘Pin the leg on the centipede’ at the party


Colin the Weevil (in frock coat and stripy trousers and glasses)  and Andy the Ant hang out at Colin’s house

eggs colin

Colin makes cakes for the party. Colin is obsessed with wheat flour.

The simplified versions:


Colin and Andy at home


Andy arrives at the party


What turned out to be a super creepy insect about to eat a cupcake

andy and benji

Playing blind man’s bluff. Which I’ve both never played or even SEEN played, but Enid Blyton is pretty fond of it.

3 responses to “Colin the Weevil

  1. I love your blog Avril – really refreshing and you have such stupendous drawings – I had now idea. Good on you and I’ll be following. Mandy

  2. You never played Blind Man’s Buff/Bluff? I am sure I did. I certainly remember having a blindfold and being spun around and then trying to catch people. Sometimes you had to not only tag them but identify who they were.
    Ah Colin the Weevil.

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