A number of years ago my mate Andrew was putting a music video together for a mate’s band. He had a concept and approached me to see if I’d be interested in doing some background paintings for it.
As you can see, I was, and I did! That was fun to do actually, working with a series of descriptions and requirements and producing a bunch of paintings. I also did the dragon and the wolf and little red riding hood, I was not responsible for the animation however as I’m useless at this!
(The song isn’t too bad either)

2 responses to “Seashanty

  1. I really love the work you did in this video – the colors and beauty of your contribution – it really entirely made the video. I did like the animation of the dragon and wolf (I know you didn’t do this – but you did create the charming images of these two – their movement was just a plus). I am sorry, but I had to turn the song down a bit – it somehow distracted me – This is a real treasure to have in your portfolio. Wonderful work!!


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