Morphing Old Photographs

Something I used to do 2 computers ago (when i had the graphics tablet and the software was compatible), was modifying old photographs.

I liked just collecting freaky old portraits for a bit, i did this anyway. One day I got to looking at them and noticed most of them were pretty creepy looking.

People who had to sit still for minutes to get a photograph done, all look a bit soul-less in the final shot. I love it.  No spontaneity or come -as -you are shots!

andrewslott small

You go to most antique shops and they have a range of good old photographs, like Andrew Slott (above), they cost usually a few dollars (to a bit more for a good wedding photo) each.

Then you get the graphics tablet and set it to smudge, you work away at it for a bit, and you get something like this – looks enough like a photograph that it’s very confusing for a bit when you look at it at first.


It’s a lot of fun. you can go subtle like just with the mouth):

bag lady 1

Or less subtle, like those below.

I have some of these printed out and in frames at work. People come by and say ‘Oh, is that your relative?…oh…um…er’ – as they notice the lack of nose or something, and I laugh and laugh.

curl in there1 james packer 1 hello sailor2 flat head man1 eyebrow girl1 ears1 creepy dude2 creepy dude with extra creep big tie boy1 sylvia's dad2 sylvia's dad with eyes stare bear family serial killers 2

That last one, i like to call ‘See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil’ – based on the exaggerations I’ve given them.

I’m not the biggest fan of photography but when done well I like it.

I adore Mike Disfarmer, who took shots of farmers  during the first half of the 20th century.

The people in his shots look real, captured in time. No duckface at all!