Francis Bacon

Not the Elizabethan Francis Bacon, though he is utterly cool too:

But the painter, whose work I just love since I was introduced to it years ago:

Yesterday I did a first-world thing, and flew up to Sydney for the day for the sole purpose of seeing this exhibition:

And it was well worth it, my goodness did that exhibition have a lot packed into it! All the really cool stuff I’ve always liked. I love his smeary, ghostly-yet-recognizable portraits with unlikely splooshes and bits on them. I like the cubes and oddly blank backgrounds, I like the way you feel disgust or desire or confusion and you just stare at the works for ages trying to work out what was going on.  He was an odd man and he painted in an odd, unique manner, and it’s just great.

I didn’t bother reading the little blurbs all the paintings have next to them. Other than the information about when it was painted, sometimes why, sometimes of whom, those things in galleries are pretty meaningless – someone’s decision that their interpretation of a painting should be the official one. I don’t think opinions should be  printed out and posted next to a painting unless it comes with a disclaimer (WARNING: MAY BE TOTAL NONSENSE). Bits of official paper, trying to persuade me that they know better than me on what I should think and feel when i look at a painting. I’d rather have my own opinion, thanks. It always annoys me when i see someone reading the little card next to the painting for a few minutes, and then barely glance at the picture, before then moving on!  Oh well, I guess art is all about what you take out of it.

I did spend the entire day thinking about bacon though. I was vegetarian for 8 years and bacon was on the list of things I ate again first when I came off it…mmmmm. BACON.