This post goes out to my friend Mark, who is currently in hospital having a procedure done.

Medical procedures and the subsequent follow ups are an interesting thing to paint.

The Tonsillectomy

I had my tonsils out March 2012. After three years of constant infections, perpetual illness, and permanent, chronic infections for the final 5 months of their residence in me, those little evil slabs of flesh were removed by an ear, nose, and throat surgeon. He described them as ‘manky’ to me afterward.  Since then instead of illness every few weeks, it’s been, what. A few mild colds? A day off here and there? It reset my immune system to ‘good’ , not ‘defunct’ any longer.

I can say hand on heart that I have never been so ill for 11 days after the surgery, it was horrendous, i went through waves of pain and i slept most of the time. One’s body goes into shock at the removal of a misfiring organ, quite aside from the physical pain of bits of flesh being removed right where one swallows, which was also horrendous, until you readjust and things get back to normal or better than normal.  However. Got a picture out of it, so how can it be all bad?

Notice the Nitrous oxide in the background. If I was a surgeon, I’d have a cask on hand for the surgery after party.
(Just saying).


At the Phlebologists

I was having pain in my right leg and as it turned out – my upper thigh varicose vein was as defunct as my tonsils had been. It was too wide to use the chemical treatment on, so I ended up having the vein subjected to laser surgery last year (last year was a big year for me medically, can you tell!). My Phlebologist was a mighty fine dude. Randomly, he sat behind me on the plane on Saturday when I going to Sydney (someone who knows how to deal with DVT would be a good person to have on a plane, right?).

This is a pretty accurate depiction of the treatment. I was however fully dressed!

And my veins are now so much better- i can jog on the treadmill now (used to cause me too much pain).  Lots of wearing surgical stockings and then injections into the smaller veins later, no more pain – wooo!


The Geneticist

I put this one in here as it’s sort of medically related, and I’ve run out of medical pictures!

I painted this one for a friend’s 21st who is in fact a geneticist- it’s her (in what appears to be a gimp mask to the bodgey minded) in a rubber protection mask to stop horrible compounds being absorbed from the giant genetically engineered creature that is having tentacles and limbs added to it.

This is what geneticists do, right?



The Hair Factory:
One day I was wondering where hair came from, I decided there was a lab where people cloned hair in little petri dishes. This repulsed me in a rather nice way. Why not do a picture of it, I thought to myself. I like repulsive things after all.


And finally…
The Massage

I like getting the 15 minute massage at work, I thought i’d do a picture of it. This is when i discovered that there  is no non-bodgey way to do a picture of a person getting a massage. My people I draw are always creepy anyway, and it looked terribly creepy.

So i put in three massages, one of whom is clearly bored.  Way way less creepy. Also…pastel colours, less creepy.

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