The Hunting Queen

The second of my Queens with Dinosaurs paintings is now complete!

I recently posted an entry about Elizabethan paintings. Well i decided before Christmas 2012 to do another one, also in lie with a cool queen of England and a dinosaur.

I picked Elizabeth the first cause she sort of rocks my world. Love her.  I gave her a Mutterboroughsaurous (the Queensland dinosaur) and a hunting bird, only the bird was an archeopteryx.Here is the progression of the painting.

Blocking in background, getting in the under painting.


Adding in more colour. Blue is good for giving a richness to final skin tone that is very hard to get if you don’t underpaint.


First coat of oil paints go on, building up the layers. This is where i set out the colour palette for how I’m going to paint. I try and paint with only a few colours, for me that works better in the long run, or I confuse myself. This one is in muted greens and browns and black with a sploosh of crimson red.


Building up layers and adding details. It too a while to work out how to do the archyoptryx’s feet and wing-hands. I have a stuffed toy which I tried to pose and get the look from that, but it’s not overly detailed. Yes, i stuck a soft toy archeopteryx on a chair and posed it.


Adding in more detail, eventually i get to a point where the colour painting is complete. From this point on it’s all about shading. It could be called complete at this point, a year ago i’d have signed it and walked off, but lately i’ve been doing more shadowing in afterwards.


And the end result, with shading added in – for those interested, I use Paynes Grey, mostly undiluted, and i rub it in with my fingers to get a nice effect.

I need to take a better photo of this:


Done! Voila!