Inspirational friends

I’ve been friends with the lovely Jennie Rosenbaum for a large number of years now.

We met through FOME when she came to uni in the mid 1990s -we are both total geek nerds and I was impressed she wore a Bajoran earring all during first year.
We both painted in those days and we would often sit and paint together and chat and paint away for hours.  It was actually due to her that I got out my oils again and started painting again after years of not doing much art at all. My work of course was kind of  dreadful at that point – but that’s OK, i was on a learning curve!  It was through those sessions that i started painting the cat series that I had my first exhibition with.

Our friendship has had it’s fair share of ups and downs over the years, as all friendships tend to do – in the last few years I’ve been watching her overcome disability and pain to the point where her art career is taking off, also watching her get better at her work and work to her strengths. I’ve always been totally impressed at how she can capture a texture so well. I struggle with representing textures, it’s one of the tasks I’ve set myself to improve on recently.

This progress is  of  great personal interest to me (as she’s a friend) and great abstract interest -watching an artist becoming an ARTIST – shows me it can be done, also how it can be done.  It’s very inspiring and exciting to watch.

She’s given me a lot of advice recently on starting out in an actual art career – and for that I’m very thankful.

She is exhibiting in a few weeks – this is going to totally rock.  You should all totally come see it! Of course you’d have to live in Melbourne, best city in the world, but I’m sure you can go stalking her on Facebook or her website if you’re unable to make it. 🙂