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I have finished another Wyperfeld National Park landscape painting.

The photo was taken around midday, during easter (april/may), of the main walk from Wonga Campground, just as you make it through the tea trees and get into the grasslands and dunes.


This time i took care to scan the pictures as i was doing it for good ‘on the way’ photos.

The painting is on a stretched canvas, just about A3 in size. I buy el cheapo canvasses from the really cheap shops, though I try and get the ones with the thicker stretcher bars so they don’t warp as readily.

First is the background colour. Everything in Australia is currently this colour (drought, rain once in 2 months, joy!) so yellow ochre and burnt umber and a bit of paynes grey is good for washing in the background colour.


Then i start to work up the main colours.

At this point in the painting I try and get the clouds  and sky mostly done and to get the colours looking mostly right. I’ve learned with my way of doing landscapes that they need a fore, middle and background, and also the sky, and all of those things needs to be taken care of in a certain way or it will not work well. I’ve done landscapes without those elements and they don’t work as well – for me.

The middle ground i use my finger to smudge out a lot, this seems to work with this type of landscape. Also the final cloud layering is always done with my finger and dabbing into paint and then squashing the paint onto the canvas, that is how best to do clouds!


Then a few more buildups of colour and more details to the foreground.  I use a lot of paynes grey to do shadows and this is also the colour of the bulokes and sheokes (for the life of me i cannot remember which is which) – the native conifer trees, anyway. This is a painting with a few big conifers, quite a few smaller eucalypts in the background, against a sea of tea trees. all are sitting on sand dunes, and there are swathes of grasses in front of the dunes, with a little section of smaller grasses right at the front.


Very thin brushes to finalize the grasses and plants in the foreground – also, lots of dots and nubbly paintwork there to make that bit pop out as forground.



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