Newest Queen painting

I’m working on my second Elizabeth II/Dinosaur picture.
I decided it was time to to a large meat eater but that posed problems with scale. A teeny little queen would look really dicky on the back of a Tyrannosaurus.

Sketched up in brown acryric paint:


I initially  put a saddle and tassles on the dinosaur but later decided that was naff. The idea of the Queen in a satin frock and diamonds taking her pet dino for a walk, did appeal though.

Second blocking in of colour, with some skin details on the Queen:


Matt referred to this as ‘creepy zombie queen’ and pointed out the dinosaur looked liked it had been skinned.

Third colour: this needs mostly just the final coat and details now, it’s close to looking right:


I think I shall make her frock purple/pinky satin, put in some more background details, the leather straps need doing, and the dino needs some more shading and detail. and the crown is very unfinished – but she’s mostly done!

I think this is one of my better paintings to date.
…I need a name for it now.