The Marketing Presentation

I work in the  Information Technology department for a superannuation company. Every now and then we are forced to interact with other departments. Often this is good – Operations are generally full of interesting characters, and some recent close interactions with some of the Legal people, has been amusing and rewarding for everyone.

But then there are the Marketers.
I have nothing against them but I am at a loss on how to deal with People People who are Always Really Cheery. I’m pretty creative but my creations are often subversive and a bit out of the box and not to everyone’s taste. So having to deal with Marketing always leaves me blinking in confusion.  I feel sorry for them too, having to deal with us weirdos in IT.

Recently we had a bit of an image upgrade and overhaul and had to go to a meeting to hear about the new and exciting things that were happening. Needless to say, what I took away from the meeting was not the ‘passion’ I think they wanted, but more: “if the city was on fire, they’d be discussing what would be the correct font to do the press release about it”.

01011102 (2)

Watercolour and pen on paper, A3 size.