My Artist Website

One of the things I’ve been finding really difficult is what I have to do in order to set up my web space (ie web pages linked here to wordpress)

Despite working in technology, I’m not hip to the groove of how to set up a website.  I’m technologically bankrupt on things that do not interest me and learning to do this, does not interest me!

I have no smartphone, or tablet, although if you tried to remove my ipod from me I would punch you in the throat (or leg, whichever was nearest) – I love my music!  I don’t dislike technology, but I do have a ‘it has to improve my life’ rule.  eg – Reading books on the train on the way to work improves my life, messing around on the internet would not, I know if I was internet enabled I’d do that instead. This is why I still use my old Nokia text only phone, I only use it for communication purposes and continue to read on the train.

So that being said I use technology at work, and when I’m home, I’ve blogged and tweeted and face-booked and I update the wiki a lot at work, and stuff like that, but it’s all easy easy easy stuff. About 10 years ago I did a Grad Cert in Computing, where we had to set up webpages – but what i did then is so out of date and I can’t remember how to do stuff I did last week let alone ten years ago. I know the concepts. It’s the fine details that throw me. Kind of why I never got into software development (C++ had me in tears!).

Also the choices out there. SO MANY CHOICES. How in heck do I know what to do, what is right for me?

So getting this, my website, up to some sort of excellent standard has proved to be my nemesis. Fundamentally, I just want it done and other than this blog, I am utterly disinterested in how to actually do it, I want it set up and to fiddle with it a bit and not bother too much and do the things I like instead. I like blogging cause it’s easy, I just babble away and people seem to enjoy reading it – but design and working out how to do things and manipulate images, is just not working for me.

Also, i cannot design up front. I can Do Art, I can create, I can arrange, I can colour, I can craft and draw, but I cannot design something without actually doing bits of it first. It has to evolve, and it’s hard when you don’t know what the seed of the idea could even be,  and what you really want it too look like till you start dicking around with it. And as I don’t know what the technology can do for me and I am so really very bored by it as soon as I start looking into it that I will do anything but look.

Yes I’m whining a bit here, but I’m sure everyone who is trying to start a smallish business is confronted with the same issues. WHAT DO I DO FIRST!

You know when it’s time to take the cat to the vet, and it sees the cage? And you try and shove it into the cage, and it pushes back with all it’s paws and will not go in? This is currently how I am feeling towards this stuff!

I sat down with a copy of this book and read it through and made notes about what I need to do –

And it is indeed an awesome book. I recommend it. However the ‘how tos’ are the issue, not the ‘what to dos’ now – and that is where I’ve hit various walls.

Over a glass or three of wine the other day I ended up asking someone who is way more technically savvy than me who I am close to, if he could help me out with this stuff.

The upshot of it is:  I will provide my requirements for my website, and he will try and figure out how to build it.

Now I just need to get down my requirements.  Notes on the whiteboard should suffice (my next post is going to be about running a project on agile methodology, which is what essentially this entire process is for me).

So that blocker is solved, I will just have to get down and do it.

And to my utter horror, I’m forced to the conclusion  that I really do have to get down my ‘artists statement’ – a short, pithy, interesting description of what my art is, to entice in people to find me fascinating and want to own my art.  And an artists biography, written in the third person.  ARGHHHH!

Oh Help. I cannot for the life of me come up with anything that does not make me sound like a total douchebag. I’d rather go and work on my resume, something else I hate doing!


Watch this space, anyhoo. It’s going to change around at some point and be totally kick ass. (HAH)