I have started cataloging my work and i found this one the other day:


I was idly wondering what would happen if balloons, wicker baskets, and the fire in them were sentient. This is what  I ended up with.

Balloons are way creepy when they are sentient.

Notice the dudes in the front are having a chicken and champagne breakfast. I cannot imagine anything more disgusting for breakfast. No, that’s not true. I had a breakfast in Inner Mongolia last year that was that disgusting, but then again all the food in Inner Mongolia was pretty well disgusting…fried cartilage and fly blown tofu, anyone???? Did not have a good time in Inner Mongolia. Was NOT a ‘heaven on earth’, as advertised.

But I digress.

This picture was snapped up almost immediately by my work college, who ran off rubbing her hands in glee. I think she liked it.