Little Miss Muffet

I have a gift, that gift is to take something that is intended to be innocuous and end up with uber creepy. I don’t actually mind this gift, though sometimes it gets in the way when I try and be all normal and sincere. Not just in paintings either. My mind is firmly parked in the worst possible connotation/place/gutter at any point in time.

This painting was supposed to be for a friend’s child and I could not give it to them.


“Little Miss Muffett” – Oil on canvas

This was supposed to be a nursery rhyme painting that was innocuous and sweet. AHAHAHAH. No.

Creepy spider, Miss Muffet appears to be a 20 year old cos-player,  straining away from the spider in distaste. Clearly I can’t draw children.

After I’d done this painting, i watched an episode of the  “Spicks and Specks” and I realized the spider was a dead ringer for this guy – check out the matching smiles and mustaches!

Barry Morgan


As a final note, I may have this gift of en-creepenating things – but I also have another gift, a super-villain gift.  Yes, all you watchers of Heroes, you all have a latent gift, you just need to identify it. My super-power is the ability to make a slightly off colour joke about elderly relatives of other people – and then THEY DIE IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS. I’ve done this three times now. It does not work when I try, only when it’s unintended…