Proof that I can actually paint children

Ok this title is a bit of a misnomer. I will get to that.

I have been known to collect old photographs of people, in antique shops. Not people in antique shops, that would be a very limiting series of things to collect – I mean, portrait photographs FROM antique shops.

The main thing I look for is some level of creepyness or weirdness to the pictures. Which is not hard, they are all out there. What i really love is the fact that people obviously went to a lot of effort to get gussied up and wander along to get a photograph taken, paid up the cash, and then came back with something less than ideal, which they were then obliged to frame or give to a loved one.

I found this picture:

strange mother

I think the mother looks like she’s dropped a very large tab of something illegal and come along to get her photograph taken. They are obviously in their best clothes too. It’s always sweet to see that.

And then I come along and destroy it all.

With the smudge tool turned on on a graphics tablet, one can end up with all sorts of things that amuse one:

strange mother2

My family has no nose you know!

Or even this:

stare bear family


So i decided to paint a little triptych version of the zombie family in black and white, in acrylic. They turned out looking pretty cheerful.

triptych creepy

The point of this post is of course: Just look at how well i captured the essence of childhood in that little girl! AND YOU THOUGHT I COULD NOT PAINT CHILDREN.


2 responses to “Proof that I can actually paint children

  1. I too like to acquire old photos of people and families when there is something that calls me from the picture. I don’t have your talent to bring out what I see in the photo – a gift you have in great abundance!

    While I lack your talent to amplify what I see in the photos, I am also intrigued by their messages about life/family/childhood.

    Friends ask me why I have photos of other people’s families and try as I might – I can’t explain to their satisfaction what I find in the photos. You, on the other hand, “explain” it all with your work! Powerful and wonderful!



  2. Thank you!
    I have photographs up and around of other people, I love them. They become friends after a time. I’d rather do that than have pictures up of other people I don’t know, like actors, etc.
    One of my favorite finds is an entire album, which shows a family as they grow from little children into adult hood. It’s really sweet seeing it. Or when you find two pictures in a big pile that are clearly of the same person, years apart, I buy them straight up!

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