Portraits of friends

I tend to like painting faces (NO KIDDING); whether those faces be people faces or monster faces, is a bit more fluid these days.

One thing I’ve done a fair bit of is portraits of friends, I work from photographs. I here are some examples of things from a good 10 years ago. These were all taken with a film camera and then scanned in, which is why the quality is not so good.


Sascha as Jesus, in Gouache on paper. Sometime in the late 90s.

I’m not religious but I was listening to JC Superstar a lot with Sascha and it seemed apt.


Papa. Oil on Canvas. I painted this for my Nana, just after Papa died – she was missing him. I think I got down his personality rather well. I loved Papa but he was certainly pretty grumpy a lot of the time.  Painted early 2000s.


Josh, sleeping. All curled up like a little rabbit. awwww.  Painted around 2001 I think.


Bowie. My friend Jennie yesterday said this is one of her favorite pictures I’d done, cause it was just so very bowie. At the time  I set myself a task – to get down in as few brush strokes as possible something that resembled the person. No idea when I painted it.


A1 and A2.  Early 2000s, Oil on board. My best friend at the time, we had an ‘Art Deco Afternoon tea’. this was us sitting on the couch. Terrible reproduction. I can see where I’ve totally mucked up this painting in the feet, but i always liked the general look of it.


Charles, strangest man I know. Charles of the classic features, he was good to paint. I iwsh i had a better picture of this picture. Painted late 90s or early 2000s


Charles as an archangel, Gabriel. I went through a bit of a phase doing Icons (again, not religious but I find a lot of the artwork inspiring and I was giving it a go). This has to be painted in the late 90s I recon based on the style.


Harmony – based very slightly on Melinda

Oil on canvas, early 2000s i think. You can tell I played clarinet and had one to use as a reference! I believe I painted this one when I bought a second hand violin and intended on doing lessons (I never did, I’m kinda a dreadful musician in anything but voice).

I was slightly obsessed with Tamara De Lempicka’s style at the time. CAN YOU TELL.


Peter. Oil on board. No idea when, probably late 90s. I was experimenting with ‘scumbling’ – thinner layers of paint washed over base colors at the time – this is a technique I’ve kept but these days the upper layers are usually way less transparent. Was an interesting thing to learn. I had bought a book called ‘Oil painting techniques’ by Jeremy Galton, I still get it out and read through it to this day and have a go at various things.


Zik. In the outfit he officiated a goth wedding in, early 2000s. Looking all very goth (he was not goth). I always liked this picture, i still think it’s a good likeness and I didn’t muck up the eyes like I did with the peter picture.


Andy, as Chip Montego, oil on canvas, sometime recently. I painted this in response to a character he played in a computer game (there was a lot going on , I was doing the whole revolution poster propaganda thing, then I left it on his front doorstep ‘anonymously’.

So there you have it. Years of playing with techniques and doing pictures of friends, which I then often just give to them, either to their delight or chagrin.

BTW I do paint women friends too but I seem to only have physical print outs and nothing scanned in to post here… looks like time to do some scanning – then I’ll do another post!