The Queen taking her puppy for a walk

I cannot believe how hot it is in Melbourne. What is it, 10 days over 32 degrees? It’s autumn, give it up, Melbs.
Despite this, I managed to finish up this painting today, (fan blowing on high at me!) I’ve been working on it in dribs and drabs for a few weeks, mostly off again though due to a strained wrist.

Today i finished the skirt, did the harness, added in the highlights on the tyrannosaurus, and detailed in the landscape:


I’ve decided it’s clearly only a young tyrannosaurus or else it would have eaten the queen by now, and you’d see a bit of it if it was full grown.

I liked the idea that the Queen would put on her satin ball dress, and diamonds, and then take her dinosaur for a walk around the park before the dance begins.

This is my first foray into trying to paint satin. That skirt was giving me grief but it all resolved itself today. sometimes you just need to go away and come back and then it works for you.
Also I was going to put more detail into the background until I remembered that I had no real interest in English Landscape painting. I’ve been to the UK, it was most excellent, I’ve been to Wales and Scotland (hey, I’m just over 1/2 Scottish by heritage), I found it lovely, but it’s not what i like to paint or look at. Frankly, it’s too green. It freaks me out. I’m Straylan, mate, it’s all yellow and brown and dry here. ESPECIALLY TODAY my goodness but it’s hot and crispy out there.

Hope you all enjoy, anyway.