More Portraits from my olden days


I found a cache of old photos of portraits of friends, all from around 2002. What the heck was I doing in 2002, clearly not working hard enough and having lots of time to paint!

Actually, on reflection the housemate had moved out and I had my first ‘studio’ –  plus I’d done a grad cert in computing the year before so I was used to spending long amounts of time Doing Stuff…so I guess i was just experimenting and enjoying not having to study. Gosh I hated programming. I can break a program but I cannot write one (hence why I’m in testing not development).

Look, that set above has a girl in it! It’s Tiff – and it’s terrible, doesn’t look at all like her does it. This then was my second attempt at her, I just think I made her nose a bit streisandesque. Yuk. But it’s somewhat there. Maybe I should try to paint her again, successfully this time.


This one sort of worked a bit better. I gave this to the person I painted, had forgotten it existed (again apologies but I don’t have better pictures of it):


and more experiments with colour portraits done fast. You can see who I was hanging around with most at the time!



and finally in this set, a picture that failed as I was painting it and I lost my temper somewhat and ruined it and then kept going:

melting charles

heh.  Makes him look like a melting vampire in the rain.