New landscape – Distance View

This is my latest landscape – of Wyperfeld National Park, of course – and I’m unconvinced how successful it is.  It’s a bit more cartoony than I like to do.


It was taken from a little car park on the drive loop from the Wonga camp ground, looking off into some very bleached dry grass.  The day was hot.

You know, the best thing about this picture was my companion misjudging a pile of road gravel to stand on just out of shot of this scene (it looked firm but it was actually very soft) and falling into it with much shouting.  And this doesn’t really translate to the fun of the picture, now, does it.

With my critics hat on: I think there is too much going on in the foreground – fallen logs, grasses, tracks. I’m not fond of trees right in ya face. I like trees in the distance. Painting leaves is a pain and a chore and i dislike it. GOOD THING I’VE CHOSEN TO DO LANDSCAPES HEY.

So yeah…. Unsure about this one.