I first read “Dune” on a holiday in Queensland during a heat wave. I recall spending the entire time thirsty as all heck, that is not a book to read when you’re going to overheat!

So I enjoyed getting this dude to read the book while in the bath, water spilling out everywhere,  it amused me.

Dune – acrylic on canvas, 2009 or so.Image

The Dune books are pretty awesome, though I’d suggest not reading Messiah immediately after you’ve finished Dune for the first time. Give it some time then read it and Children as one book.

Also recommended – throw ‘Chapterhouse’ as far as you can across the room when you’re done. It’s best that way – Trust me.  You won’t even need that advice, you’ll just go and do it anyway.

And never ever ever ever go ANYWHERE near the prequels or any of the books the Frank Herbert did not write. FH is a glorious writer, no one writing in his universe (relative or otherwise) gets the feel or the taste just right.