More landscapes!

I finally figured out how to edit my art galleries on this site. It was not hard, I just put zero effort into it – aa nd now I have put effort into it by googling a how-to. It was remarkably easy in the end.

I’ve been starting to get down all my artwork, so that i can update the titles, mediums, availability, and prices,  here. Also I will link them to red bubble (where prints and cards etc are available) and I’m going to make a cafepress shoppe cause people have expressed the desire for queens with dinosaurs to be on drinking mugs.

I plan to complete this in the next month or so.

Until then – Thought I’d share some more landscapes from the archives.


Tracks at Wyperfeld, oil on canvas, late 2000s

This is another Wyperfeld painting, I sold this one, I am a bit annoyed that I don’t have a better photo of it. Worked out nicely though (the painting). It was bought and given for a secret santa family gift for  someone who often camps there, apparently he loved it enough to put it up in his lounge room.


WA scene – Oil on canvas board, early 2000s

A friend and I drove over to Perth in 2002, I was impressed by the scenery. I didn’t get many good shots of the landscapes cause I was not into them at that point, but I did manage to do this one. Lots of red red sandy soil and mallee trees.

tree painting

Eucalyptus, oil on canvas, some time mid 2000s.

A dear friend asked me if I would do a painting for him to take to work but he didn’t want anything too out there or a bit bodgey. I decided a tree could not possibly be bodgey, right? I think this is a pretty out there sexy tree, in the end. It almost struts! This is the only picture I’ve ever done of close ups of individual leaves painted out separately. I’d just done the botanical drawing course at Monash uni short courses, so I was all ‘hey, I can draw leaves now!’


Daisies at Pink Lakes national park.  Mid 2000s, oil on canvas board.

Oh look, a landscape that is not at Wyperfeld, but just north of it! Pink Lakes were awesome and we got there in daisy season. I think I sold this painting to someone at work. I think it worked well.


Prayer flags at Monkey Temple, Kathmandu. Late 1990s, oil on canvas

This was a ratty street scene of the prayer flags that I took as a random shot way back in the 1990s on my trip to Nepal, i rather think this was the first landscape I ever tried painting. I quite enjoy this one. but then again, I enjoy prayer flags, they freaking rock, they are so lovely when massed into the landscape.


Oh look: would this be a photo of prayer flags in their native habitat?  And me and Matt….standing in front of Mount Everest… from the Tibet side:  The happy grins are part “OMG LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE” and part the rictus of horror of being at 4500m and half oxygen and being unable to breathe properly.


I sacraficed that hat to the travel gods. No idea where it went. And look  here how awesome prayer flags look just fluttering away! This shot taken in Lhasa:


Ok back to landscapes, now I’ve finished being all smug like about having been to one of the most awesome places ever:


Paper Daisies, Little Desert NP, oil on canvas board. Maybe early 2000s

We went to Lake Mungo and the little desert and the Pink Lakes one year, was a really lovely trip. I think this was when i started to be inspired by landscapes. I did a little series of them on canvas board and then never did any again for ages, I needed to work out how not to make trees just look like blobs and nothing else. I didn’t try for a long, long, time.

Wait…I hear something….this, my readers, is the sound of me showing off two more pretty awesome holidays of the other two favorite places I’ve been (outside Australia I mean). No paintings from either of them, yet – maybe I will one day…
Easter Island, Chile, check out the topknots on those moai (this shot taken just after I fell over and really badly hurt myself on my leg, see the lovely bandages):


And here’s some boring tedious building that is in every shot everywhere:


Yes, we were really really hot. 🙂

This post is brought to you by Attention Deficit Disorder.