The Queen and Protoceretops

Funny, the spell checker gets a bit confused by ‘protoceretops’.

I finished this one last week too after some on again-off again painting but it took me a week to be inspired enough to get the camera out and get a good photo:


This is based on a black and white photo I found of Elizabeth on the net. She’s holding a corgie, not a big shock really there. I thought a small chunky dinosaur like protoceretops would make a good substitute.

The thing I liked about the photo was the light, which seemed to be coming from the top left back of the painting.That was a bit of a challenge to get the shading on the dinosaur right, I couldn’t exactly get one to pose. Though I do have a museum quality skull cast of one of these dinosaurs, purchased from  the casts taken at the Great Russian Dinosaur exhibition.

By her hair style and the shoulder cut on her frock, this was a late 40s picture of the Princess Elizabeth. She was quite young, she also had a much rounder face. What a hottie the queen used to be.