Cafe Press Shop now open

So i created a Cafe Press site, I’m selling out! Why not I say. So far I’ve put a few of the queens on there so they are available as Mugs or bags or flasks or drink bottles.

Bear with me, I have found Cafe Press counter intuitive to use and I’ve deleted things accidentally at least once and gotten lost in the maze of what was going on there.

The shop is called geekweevil. Heck, everything i have is called geekweevil, cause that’s the tag I went with when doing my livejournal. I do like weevils. Plus – geek. So there you go.

I also have the Redbubble site, which is where they do good quality cards and prints and reproductions, most of my artwork that I think is nice,  is on that.

Both of these are on the sidebar as links.

To end this post, and because I can’t do a post without a picture or this post will just look sad on the post list, here is a painting I did that I cannot at all recall why I did it, what inspired it, when I did it, or what I was thinking. I literally have no memory of painting it and I’m at a loss to explain it.

Also I think it’s a bit naff.  No. TOTALLY naff.

Though the happy green couple seem to be being watched by a floating cloud cat, so that makes it somewhat interesting? I don’t know. This is a fail picture for me. THE SUN IS ON THE OTHER SIDE, WHY ARE THEY LIT UP FROM THE BACK. Sheesh.


At least the colours are pretty.

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