The return of landscapes

I was moseying through my files and found some landscapes I’d not yet put up:


Sunrise over Lake Brimin, Wyperfeld National Park.

Since doing this painting I’ve actually modified it by putting a bit more detailed grass in the foreground, I thought it was lacking layers. Kinda like this one. It’s taken right on the edge of the dry lake.  Just behind that arching tree branch is the visitors centre building.

It has occurred to me that I’ve never posted a link to Wyperfeld before: here it is if you want to check out what Parks Victoria says about it:


View of Outlet Creek, Wyperfeld National park.

This shot is from some of the taller sand dunes, there are tea trees in the front that I’m looking over. Next time I do a distance painting like this I won’t put the close ups in – I personally found it hard to paint and a bit confusing to read as a painting – not a success.

This creek needs to fill and flood every hundred or so years or all the trees will die back and not get replaced. The creek only fills when lake Hindmarsh overflows and then lake Albycutya overflows.  Those two years of flooding rains in Victoria recently resulted in Hindmarsh actually getting water into it – which was awesome!  Unfortunately when I visited it 2 years ago at easter, so were all the COBs and they brought their jetskis and dirtbikes and the whole place sounded like a swarm of angry wasps.

Because of irrigation diverting water from the lakes, it would need to flood a lot more over the next short time before any water gets into wyperfeld. This is a massive pity – within my lifetime, the lakeside and flood dependant vegetation is going to die out that is there and the whole ecosystem will be different. 😦

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