Cats for friends

Third and last cat painting post!

One thing I do like to do is give people portraits of their animals for birthdays or special events. I’ve not done it lately other than one, but it’s a nice thing to do. As a rule I think it’s cruel to give a painting to someone and expect them to like it, so I have to just hope they do like it.

These are pictures of cats/dogs I’ve either done on a commission basis or as a gift. Or in some cases, a commissioned gift!

heidie hi!

Heide – the mother of my little brown tabby, Enoch.

gabs cats

Gabs cats – painted for engagement present. Those are way pretty cats in real life.

erins cat

Erin’s cat. This cat hates Erin, apparently. That’s kind of funny, she’s nice to everyone but her owner!


I THINK this is Gab’s other cat, sister to Enoch. This is what i get for not making note at the time of what the painting is called!


I think this is Tomato, Amanda’s cat.

dem 4

Demeter? I think it’s Demeter.


Benji – painted recently for the Legal lady who left the project.


Mogwai. As a Robot.


Andrew’s dog. He didn’t like the pink collar, i redid it in red and added really tough studs to it! I liked how this one came out.


For the life of me…whose cats are these?  Kellies? NFI.

I’m sure there are more that I’ve not photographed out there! I tend to forget to do that.