Second Exhibition – more cats

If you’ve read my last post, you’ll see that in 2000 I exhibited my cat paintings at a local gallery.

Maybe 2 years after that, the gallery decided to do another cat themed exhibition (I suspect cause mine went down way better than expected). They asked me if I’d like to put in some paintings.

What i found was that by the time this one rocked around, I had moved on. I was totally over cats, I just did not care any more. So the paintings I did reflected this and  while I think I sold one or two, it was not greatly successful.

I should actually have just put some of the original paintings into it, i have NFI why I didn’t think of that UNTIL NOW!!!


Ester – done with pallette knife  …i don’t like this one at all. I wonder where it went? I no longer have it. someone must have it!


“Max”. I adopted a ‘free to a good home’ cat, a big bruiser ginger tabby called Max. he was awesome. However – they gave him away as I found out cause of his poo-ing habits. And as it turned out those were not habits, that was stomach cancer. I had him for a year before I had to have him put down and I sobbed like a baby, he was a great cat. I am still angry that those people didn’t get him checked out at the vet rather than giving the problem to someone else! –  *rant over* – (if they had though, I’d have not had even the year with him…so not all bad)


“Max II”. Yeah, this was an attempt at deconstructing a cat the way I’d done with other pictures earlier, my heart was not in it. Uninspired, i find this picture.

So I learned an important lesson with the second exhibition – I can’t go back, and I can’t produce good art to a spec. I have to WANT to paint it and be inspired and do it that way. Having to try and get a bunch of pictures to look like things I no longer wanted to do, was not possible and I did some very uninspired works out of it.