On how adding spots can improve a painting


I did this painting for a friend who was doing a course in pattern making, design, and sewing.

This was one of those paintings where I really didn’t know what I was doing till I did it. Also, I’m not the fondest of either pink or dogs, so why the heck I chose a pink theme and a doggy, is beyond me.

Also I recall at one point looking at it helplessly thinking ‘THIS IS SHIT”….It was flat and lifeless and naff.  And then i started putting spots into it as an act of desperation. My dotting arm must have gottn tired! Red, white, and yellow spots. OMG. SPOT CENTRAL.   But hey, it worked. It make the painting pull in together, it made all the different surfaces in the room look different from each other.

Spots can save a painting by adding texture – or something.  Interest. You LOOK at spots.

I used spots on this one too, i like the way this one came out. Also randomly, lots of PINK!  I guess sometimes, pink just works. I love red, and pink is just red that’s been in the rain too long…

This one was during my acrylic phase (I was having horrible reactions to oil paints which is why i stopped using them – then i discovered water mixable oils, which is what i use now).


“On the couch”.  I actually sketched the way a bunch of my friends were sitting at something and then turned them into monsters. It wasn’t until much afterwards I noticed the bunny dude looks just like Frank from Donny Darko.

I actually learned the art of the spot to save a painting on this one below – Diana the Huntress, back in 2004-2005. This was another one that was not going well for me and then i put spots in the back ground and it just rocked out the painting:

diana huntress

You know what, I’ve not looked at this photo for ages – I like it! I think my next post is now going to be about the Greek Gods exhibition, of which this was one of the pictures!

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