Earth, Air, Fire, Water

I’m right handed but I’ve periodically tried to learn to use my left hand. I get bored sometimes. I decided I needed a challenge.

A few years ago I drew and then painted the following series of little water colour sketches with the left hand. I was a bit weirded out by what came out. They were a lot more delicate than my normal chunky people/monsters and they used different bits of the paper.



Also I rather think I was collecting kimono at this time, hence everything was a bit Japanese-esqe.




“Fire”. This woman looks like she could be a demon from Monkey Magic, that awesome TV show from the 70s.


“Water” – an attempt to draw the figure of water without drawing the water.

I might do another series of the 4 elements, that was kind of fun. Also, the planets, but the traditional medieval planets (including the sun and the moon) – now that could be fun…

New years eve 2011 I made my first ever new years resolution – to learn to write legibly with my left hand . I practiced a lot, especially on the whiteboard at work, and on the train in when I was bored with my reading.  If anyone picks out my notebook and reads it they are likely to be a bit worried, cause I tended to write out the lyrics of the songs I was listening to the time and I often listen to EBM on the train. Nothing so sane and happy as  the soft gentle lyrics of “Today I died in a rain of blood” or indeed anything by Aesthetic Perfection.  Whom I love. But would not be playing aloud to most people.
I’m now actually quite proficient with left handed writing. I’m slower, and some times things go a bit strange (like I will get a ‘3’ backwards or something) but I can pass for being left handed.  I like to use the left at work when mapping out a test strategy, as moving slower gives me time to think while I’m drawing it. Also because I’m very careful still to form the letters, my left is now more legible than my right, which is very slapdash and scrawly indeed.

Having recently taken a shopping list that I wrote with my right hand and been totally unable to decipher it, maybe my next years resolution should be to learn to write legibly with my RIGHT hand!


Another drawing done with the left hand, though i painted with the right


And another one drawn but not painted with the left hand – “We found a production defect”. This is a pretty good literal interpretation of what happens at work when a release goes in with a prod defect in it. Fire, people standing around looking a bit confused. Spotty Giraffes. Just another normal day in the office.