Two more landscapes

I got some painting done on Good Friday afternoon – It was a Great Friday after all was said and done!

I finished off two landscapes that I’d been working on in the background for a while.

Cypress and Sand, Wyperfeld national park

Cypress and Sand, Wyperfeld national park

I decided not to put in some scrabbly branches in of the foreground of this picture (it was based on a photo taken in December when I went camping to Wyperfeld National park).  I liked the sky on this one. The main problem with that set of photos I took was the sky was INTENSE BLUE that day and it looks a bit fake in pictures so i have to mess it up a bit and dull it down a bit, or else it just looks like a small child’s blue sky!

I liked the stripy clouds. I’m sure someone knows what they are called. I USED to know, cause I recall an exam on cloud formation in first year Geography at Uni, but that was 1991 so I’m sure it’s not a crime to forget the details.

Pending sale - Porcupine Grass, Wyperfeld National park

Pending sale – Porcupine Grass, Wyperfeld National park

Porcupine grass grows in clumps that spread outwards. The grass on the inside dies and they turn into big circles of impenetrable, prickly, grass. Trees often germinate in the centres as feral rabbits and other seed eating animals can’t get to the little plants. I like it when you find a bigger circle of grass that has obviously been sat in by a kangaroo, the grassy bits get all squashed!

In this painting I went for the detail mostly in the foreground, something I’ve not done with great success before. I really like this painting, it makes me think about being there.

I know there are Roos at Wyperfeld, as we were leaving we were seen off by these guys. I assume it was a mother and her joey. Are they not utterly sweet.