Hyperion… And 50th Post!

It’s my 50th Post!

Time to celebrate!

01011124 (2)

Bring forth the…guys with swords! oh yeah!

Please ignore the blotch at the crotch line of the front dude. That is actually an ink blot. I drew this one up in blood coloured ink using the dip-pen I bought in Venice (a hand crafted glass fountain pen, just to rub that all in a bit).   The colours are water colour applied later, and the ink all bled a little into it when I used it, giving everything a slightly magenta colour, which I really think worked out rather well.

These are all fairly tiny little pictures I worked on, I was doing my own little illustrations for Hyperion, the poem by Keats.


Tragically the only reason I ever tried to read Keats was cause of the Hyperion/Endymion books by Dan Simmons, (NERD ALERT!) –  now those are some pretty awesome Science Fiction books.

sea yhhyp

I liked the little series I got out if it anyway. I kind of was going 1930s in doing the style of the people

harp small

Oh do stop harping on I hear you say…. Ok. Bad pun is over.  Note that that thing is the moon, not some sort of giant Prisoner/Rover thing coming to get him.

01011126 (2)

I wish I’d written on the back of these what line in the poem they relate too. So much time has gone by, it’s all obscured now.  Crying after being told to get down off a hill. At sunrise. Or something!

01011123 (2)

I don’t even like reading poetry all that much, it confuses me. I prefer literature as you don’t have to work hard to understand every line. However Keats is a good read, one of the few I can pick up and enjoy for a chunk here and a chunk there.

“Do you like Kipling?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never kippled!”

Actually, i dislike Kipling. I tried. I failed.  I think he was writing very much of his time, for his time.

Anyway. Happy 50th post. May I never run out of things to say or draw or paint and post.

(BTW WordPress – I’m Australian. I spell it ‘colour’ not ‘color’, as my grade 2 teacher taught me… STOP TRYING TO CORRECT ME!!!!)