The picnic

The Picnic

The Picnic

I actually dislike picnics. All that effort to go and get sunburned and bitten by mosquitoes and spill your drink on the blanket. So much cleaning up of little containers afterwards. Meh. I would rather get takeaway and sit on a bench and eat, or else eat inside, away from flying insects and cancer rays.

However this picnic looks like fun. umbrellas, lots of bowls of food (that i did not prepare and will not clean up) and nice bottles of wine. Also fox furs and a retired army general from the 1800s. Plus a naked dude in a scarf. It would be a hoot.

I did this one with a slightly different set of paints to what I usually use, hence why it’s so very vibrant. I have a little pallet of field watercolours, which are very intense in pigment.

Usually when painting i just squeeze paint onto a pallet and use it, and when it dries i just re-blob water onto it and use it till it goes away or gets coated with stray cat hairs (an occupational hazard in this place).  I did do a watercolour short course back in the 1990s and they taught us about soaking the paper and using the wet technique – something totally unsuited for the sorts of things i like to paint. Good to know it’s an option out there but I disliked the process and the outcome, so I don’t use it. I draw the picture, then draw in pen, then colour in the sections and build up colour and texture that way.