More Theraputic Art

After the other week where I did some pictures of things that i needed to clear the air for, I have spent a bit of time doing some more paintings which sum up for me my feelings about certain things.

putting on a face

putting on a face

This is in regards to someone I discovered is very two faced, among other things. It’s loaded with imagery which is only meaningful for me and one other person… I think my feelings about this person require a few more paintings to cover the different stuff. Expect some random paintings that make no sense.

I don't know why they guys all want to fuck me!

I don’t know why they guys all want to fuck me!

You know the sort of person out there who pretends they do not do the come-hither look, and then act surprised and charmingly confused when they get the attention they are seeking.

By all means, do the come-hither look, do the bedroom eyes. Own it, though, don’t back away and deny it. That gets very old very fast.  Tiresome to be around.


The self appointed moral police

The self appointed moral police

The self appointed moral police, they decide on the morals of a group and judge people based on a staggering lack of information and an astounding ability to apply ethics and morals based on criteria they do not themselves follow, and they try and get those who fail their laws, executed socially.  Usually they are quite moral in what they do and they think this gives them the right to interfere in situations that usually do not exist before they create them, or that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

There is always one, usually they roam in pairs. I’ve known at least three sets of them now, over the last 20 years. The faces change, the unwarranted meddling does not, the harm they cause can be great, as they speak with honesty and conviction and also condemn all those who stand up to them, so people fear to deny them. There is a book called The Chamomile Lawn, in which one of the characters says, “He was  a good man…they do a very good deal of harm”. Yes.

These two in the picture have the list of new targets up behind them. And many many eyes, with which to peer into your lives and tell it to the world if they do not like what they see.