Meetings and doodles

If i go to meetings and they are boring, I doodle, that is to say, i draw idly or with purpose on whatever paper is handy with whatever writing tool i have, in order to keep me awake and vaguely listening. Sometimes it’s little boxes or swirly swirls, sometimes little faces, and every now and then it is a terribly long meeting and I turn off if I don’t draw. I entertain the creative side of my brain and listen with the other bit. If I’m told to stop drawing, I will respond by pointing out that I will therefore stop listening as my mind will just wander off. It’s up to the chairman. I can draw and listen or not draw and think about what I’m having for lunch.

All these pictures date from a series of meetings in 2005, the first three from where we were being given training. However we were in the Melbourne office, the trainer and the rest of the staff were in Sydney, so we had a live link up and a conference call. Plus I knew everything we were being trained in.

I could not have been more bored.

hanged man

This one is with black pen on a bit of a4 paper. No idea what i was thinking.Β  POSSIBLY I WAS FEELING TRAPPED. You think.


The next time i got wise and brought in a self sharpening pencil. So i drew a lute player. And…stuff. Monsters!


I rather think this was Bacchus and Pan. Not entirely sure why the tortoise was there other than maybe I needed to put his leg somewhere and it seemed to be a good idea to make it on a tortoise.


And this was a test team meeting about the regression schedule. You can see the only paper i had was the handout. I soon made it less boring.

I still draw in meetings, on the phone, on the train, whenever. I have been going through old papers lately and I used to draw in all my school books too, I have a lot of papers to prove it. πŸ™‚

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  1. I tend to doodle during boring meetings/lectures too. It’s probably the only thing that got me through so many years of (non-art) school. I love the first one, of the “bored face”. Perfectly exemplifies my feelings during those doodle-inducing meetings.

    • Totally and exactly – like chem lectures at uni. I got a lot of drawing practice done in them!!! Didn’t do so well in chem, but that was due to lack of interest in the subject. πŸ™‚

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