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I’ve not been painting or drawing much these last two weeks – instead I’ve gone through the house with never before seen determination, in order to get rid of THINGS. Things I no longer value or don’t want to store for no reason any more.  There have been piles of things sent to the op shop and masses of things going to friends (what did people do before the days of facebook where you can say ‘anyone want a wedding kimono/sewing cabinet/smoke machine/fish tank/guitar ‘ – first person to say yes gets it!).  Oh so much stuff has left my house. It’s awesome.

Also – I’m ready for a change. in the direction of the paintings I’m doing. I’ve been painting the royalty with the dinosaurs deliberately in the styles of the time – I’ve started a Henry VIII, a Charles II and a Mary Tudor, and these have been good but it’s not ‘my’ style, even if it’s been an excellent training/learning curve.   I am ready to move onto something related but slightly different, something way more “me”, but on a similar theme. However that is taking a little bit of time to conceptualize in my head so I’ve been at a bit of a loss on doing anything painting wise.Not so much as artists block, but artists’ rest.

I finished this one but have not taken a better picture of it yet – Queen Anne.


What I have found is some more doodles and drawings I thought I’d share for the duration.  These are all old. I’ve found my sketchbooks and looked through them and I have no idea what is in those books. I often flick through and just laugh cause you never know what you’re going to see next. SO MANY DOODLES.

superhero geekweevil

I call this one “It looks like a Victorian superhero”.  Probably did this about 10 years ago


Lots of sketches to try and work out something that I now have NO MEMORY of doing. Looks like a story illustration, but for what story! I wonder what this story was.


I love robots!  I’m a massive SF fan (written SF rather than shows though my Star Trek viewing habits beg to differ).  Favorite authors include China Meiville, Alistair Reynolds, Larry Niven….name it, I like it. Though I just culled a bunch of books I will never reread.  The op shop people will hopefully be happy with me.

lick the flame

This appears to be a monster thing licking a flame. Of course it is.

chaos critters

This is the sort of doodles I normally do quickly in meetings. I have actually done a giant black and white drawing entirely in this which i need to scan in but it’s an awkward shape – hundreds of these little dudes. They are fun to draw and I can turn off my brain when doing them.

Today I start two weeks annual leave so I’m going to get this house sorting stuff done, and then resume painting. Hurrah!


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  1. heh I’ve been doing the same thing lately, less painting more getting the place in order.. so that I can paint more! (yeah that makes sense…) Doodling is so important to the artistic process, I only worry when I stop idly sketching.. like walking all the best ideas come while sketching!

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