Holidays and Illnesses

I took two weeks off work and as it turns out, I took two weeks off painting and blogging and doing my normal stuff too.


Sometimes the break is worth it!  I actually took a longer break from painting as I was re-organizing the house. I probably threw out a quarter of my stuff and resorted and rearranged the rest of it.  It’s very cathartic!

Only just got back to work this week and today I came down with a horrible energy sapping virus though!

The Tonsillectomy

The Tonsillectomy

I’ve posted this one here before…in March 2012 I have my septic, infected, disgusting tonsils removed. By the time they whipped them out they’d been making me very sick for about 3 years and they were constantly infected for the last 5 months. Until then I got sick every few weeks and badly sick too.  It’s been glorious this last year just feeling primarily well – i was seldom sick and when i was it got shaken off within a few days. Today I have headache, fever, chills, ache, earache and thirst.

I really wish my surgeons wore cool purple coats, but I don’t think they did. 🙂

So this is a photo of me when i was at one of my sickest last year – me and Kellie went to China and both came down with some virus. This day was pretty bad. But if you’re going to be sick, maybe doing it while visiting the terracotta warriors is not so much a bad thing!  I was sweating and pasty and feverish in this pic. Plus i was wearing my new pearls I’d bought in Guilin. That was kind of cool. 


We did lots of sit downs during this day. the site in Xian for the warriors is a massive complex that took forever to walk across. The day ended oddly with a sprint across an airport and a denial of plane tickets…it was very confusing at the time and my goodness having to run for 5 minutes holding both your bag and your friends bag, certainly puts the whole illness thing into the background.

So during the big clean out I came across my crazy quilt which I started piecing together a few years ago, and i finally finished embroidering down all the edges. Now to actually quilt the thing, but that was in the Too Hard Basket.

It has bits of fabric from sewing in it, and also I got hold of a pack of bits of old kimono fabric, so it’s largely a silk quilt. How cool is that.


The other thing I got rid of was these – been in a box in the shed for years, getting more and more warped. Most of them were tapes I listened to in the car, but I also turfed my albums (long since replaced on CD!). Yes. that is Starlight Express in there. No, i did not replace that on CD.


In art news:I’ve got a few new paintings to get good copies of to upload, and I’m about 3/4 finished a Restoration/CharlesII portrait with an allosaur. So there are lots of paintings coming.

I’ve also ordered business cards with my artwork on them from Moo – and i’ve worked out what my next steps will be in the great ‘lets be a professional artist’ crusade, so the break was pretty good for me.

Now for a nap. I’ve run out of oomph!

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