Queen Anne

I finished this one a while ago but took me a while to photograph it.

Here’s a big (not so) secret: I’m terrible at photographing artwork. I bought an A3 scanner and i stick with a3 as much as possible just so i don’t have to try and get a good picture! I really don’t understand how to use my camera and what’s more, I have not managed to figure out a way to CARE to figure it out.

Not my forte. i need a super wide scanner. or something.

Still here is the picture. There is a lot of black and that reflects all light when you take a photo. I am at a loss as to how to get around this.


Queen Anne, last of the Stuart Monarchs, with some some small theropod dinosaurs.

In the portrait I based this on, she was holding her young son and there were greek temples in the back ground landscape. I of course discarded these utterly.

This painting was a study in how to do white work drapery for me. that is really why i chose it cause I needed to work on painting white cloth.

I think this worked well. I did use the original portrait pretty heavily as a reference for the Queen for shading. I did this picture a bit too small and had big trouble getting her face looking right. Once i got that heavy Stuart mouth and the giant eyes, it all fell into place and I stopped hating on it. 🙂

Lotss of layers of paint went into this, 4 or five on the blue dress to get that intensity up. under-painting, over painting, to get the depth in the picture. Oil paintings take a long time when you do it like that.  I am planning my next series of oils to be much lighter and more ‘my’ style rather than copies of olden day stuff, but my goodness it’s been fun doing it.