Works in progress – Royalty and Dinosaurs

I’m coming to the end of the actual portrait copies of the royals and the dinosaurs.  I have three partly finished ones to do and then I can move on

I’m ITCHING to get onto the next phase of ‘things and dinosaurs’ paintings – I have plans and they are forming in my head. But first I need to finish these guys:


Henry VIII is always fun to paint but my goodness he’s got lots of BITS to do. You have to be extravagant and layered. This is still mostly rough blocking and under painting (you can see I’ve not finished the carpet pattern under painting).

The thing about this one that is pure torture is that oak paneling. It took about 3 hours just to get the wood grain in on the bit to his left, and i can see far more to do on his right. I’m kind of dreading it. That is CHORE painting not fun painting, but I decided to teach myself to paint woodwork and by jingo, I’m going to do it.

You can see the cat too is also enjoying the painting. I am usually surrounded by cats.


Mary Tudor with a Devonian Lungfish

The Devonian lungfish is Barwikia Downunder, which is actually the lungfish I wrote my honours thesis on when I did honours in Paleontology (“Skull variation in the late Devonian Dipnoan Barwikia Downunda from the Mount Howitt formation, Victoria”).

Yes I know, the words make no sense. To me either. That was a lifetime ago.

The hands and fish are just very roughly blocked in, i’ve started building up colour elsewhere.

I was in a quandary with her cause the reference portrait, the person painting it totally messed up her eye placement and it’s really wrong. And i did not want to replicate that cause it would look like I am wrong, but it’s one of the defining features of the picture.  Anyway i fixed it up.



Here’s a nice restoration portrait, Charles II with an allosaur. I have mostly his bling and dinosaur scales and lots of shading to go on this one. I took that ‘practice painting the white linen’ thing to an extreme with this. He’s in SO MUCH WHITE!  I love the Stuarts. Any group descended from Mary Queen of Scots and Henry Darnley were likely to be total dumb-asses, and so indeed they were. In the history of English monarchy, never have there been so many stupid decisions and utterly pointless people as the Stuart monarchs!  But some really awesome bling and outfits.