Business Cards

I got a load of business cards printed through Moo.


I got about 15 different pictures printed on one side, and my name and contact details on the other.
Some of the pictures worked better than others. Some cropped oddly on the final print but they are still ok.

They turned up about two weeks ago.

They look super pro, I’m pleased with them but the next lot I order I will have mostly Queens – these were popular on the ‘pick a card any card’ offer –  and a only a few of the watercolours looked fantastic. Some were oddly muddy in colour.  And I do like the landscapes but I think one card of that is suitable as it’s not really where my focus is.

Mostly I’ve distributed them at work as I’ve not seen a lot of friends in that time and when I did I forgot to take them!

If I had a dollar for every time someone looked at them and said in a startled way however: “…but…these are GOOD!” –  I’d certainly be able to afford a nice lunch for myself! People who don’t know me, do not expect that I would have talent and are very surprised.

I’ve worked with many talented people in my career as an IT professional – poets, animators, artists, dancers, potters, writers, a comedian even.  People do all sorts of interesting and wonderful things when they are not at paid work!

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  1. Those are *gorgeous*. Thanks for mentioning Moo, I’ve been looking for places to get business cards done at, and I’m definitely adding them to the pool.

    • They really turned out a treat! I gave out a bunch at work and the cleaning lady was heard to remark that she kept seeing them on people’s desks and really liked them. 🙂

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