Blowing one’s own trumpet


Sometimes in a work situation you get involved with someone who is pretty fond of themselves and do like to talk about themselves. These people you usually just have to sit there, hope they shut up soon, and do not feed their ego by making any response.

This painting didn’t work for me AT ALL. I accidentally picked a pink that i thought was a red, disliked it, went with it, and then did the wrong colour background.  Sometimes a painting goes awry. If you are doing oil painting, you can paint over it, but watercolour you either have to scrap it or keep going doggedly. Sometimes you can swing it into a good painting – i think i failed on this one though.

It was a chapter of accidents!

Also, I’m officially sick of doing ‘sitting around a table at work’ paintings. Not sure why I did it – other than I drew it when I was in the mood to draw and I had no shot of inspiration – and I did drag my heels doing it – I did not enjoy painting it. Though I do like the bird thing and the dude wearing the devo hat.

We live and learn.