The actuarial school

The actuarial school

The actuarial school

I’ve worked with a number of actuaries in my time (usually they are no longer actuaries when I encounter them) and I have noticed they have a something in common.


I’m pretty sure there is a career guidance Councillor at Hogwarts who sends those wizards who are really good at Artithmancy off to work as actuaries.

‘Just call yourself an Actuary’, they say, ‘Muggles have no idea what you do or how you do it, and if they see you doing a Forecast Charm, just befuddle them’.

I managed to get a quick snapshot of them in learning action and turned it into this painting.

I don’t recall much more cause I had my memory modified just after that.

In other news, at work this week someone gave me a conductors baton that had been given as a promotional gift to one of the execs who didn’t want it. IT LOOKS LIKE A WAND.

I pointed it at one of the developers and tried to make him dance, but it didn’t work.

Mabye I’m a squib.