Executive Leadership Team

You know all the dudes in your company who run things?

One of them asked me if I’d be able to do a painting of them all  for the CEO, who is leaving, for his good bye present.

I obliged:

Executive Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Team

I’d never tried to do recognizable people in this form before – cartoon/caricatures.  It was actually a lot of fun and way easier than I anticipated. You really need to just pick out the main quirks in someone’s face. the corners of the eyes and mouths is where recognition really sits, if you get those right, you have a likeness.

Then i filled in the gaps (face shape, cheek shape), then hair and then I got to put them in extremely amusing clothing.   The person in the front left is usually very well dressed, so i had a good time in putting him in a check suit with a really ugly 70’s tie, just cause it amused me to do so.  And i kind of gave the CEO a sealskin pimp coat.

The painting was a success with the recipient and pretty much everyone who has seen it, anyway. so that was awesome!

I actually did another version of this painting which was way more just monsters. But i had qualms about it as it was not personal enough, and so i redid it. I like the first version however – but it’s very very different and not easily translatable into the actual people, which was the point really.