Mary and Barwikia downunda

Mary Tudor and lungfish

Mary Tudor and lungfish

Queen Mary, daughter to Henry VIII, elder sister of Elizabeth, had a troubled life and a short, troubled reign. I always felt sorry for her, in historical accounts she gets lots of criticism, but her life was more messed up than anyone’s has a right to be. No, does not excuse the burnings or torture, but she did keep the inquisition out of England.

Paining Mary, I based the picture on the famous portait of her. In that, the artist has totally mucked up the eye placement, making her look a bit wrong. I decided not to replicate the bung eye, but subsequently the picture is less recognizable!

I did my honors thesis on this fish above.

I did not do so good in honors, ya’ll. That was a messed up year for me, and by jingo I discovered how much I am not suited to research. However doing thing to fossils with hydrochloric acid and learning photography from scratch, was kind of fun (the days before digital!).

I found the paper on line Barwikia downunda.

I have had a fondness for the dipnoi family ever since those days. I practically wet myself in excitement when I found out Sydney aquarium has a Neoceratodus forsterii. SHAME ON YOU MELBOURNE AQUARIUM for not having a Queensland lungfish!


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  1. I went mental at Sydney aquarium at the coelacanths! I explained them to Erica, people looked at me like I was mental. I didn’t care.

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