Restoration Rex

It’s good to be the king. You get to have a pet allosauraus.

Charles II with Allosaur

Charles II with Allosaur

This one was a lot of fun to paint. was completely dressed in white and it was interesting figuring out how to make that not bland or boring.

The dinosaur was problematic – I’ve yet to figure out the best way to do scales that don’t drive me up the wall. Painting the individual scales on the Queen Vic plesiosaur was tedious and i never want to do it again. This one, I did the skin as plain skin, then just painted over circles for scales but they looked naff so I had to go back and put shading/highlights in, and that is why this painting took too long to do. Cause while I really like dinosaurs and I like to have had painted them, actually painting them is total pants.

Sort of like being on holiday to somewhere difficult overseas. I love having been there but at the time I’m usually ‘what the heck am I doing here I want to go home!’.

Anyway. I’m fond of Charles II, great great grandchild to those clever statesmen, Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnely. All decisions by those two were totally good ones.  Excellent genes to found a dynasty on (the Stuarts were a pretty fine set of ruling monarchs)


The history of Great Britain would be totally boring if the monarchs were not largely demonstrably total fuckwits, really.  The Stuarts took the cake for moronic people who did dumb stuff and were up themselves. My goodness were there some dreadful ones in there.  William/Mary and Anne did ok (probably were born with Syphilis passed down from their father though which is why they never managed to have children who survived), but Charles I had some issues, certainly, and James seemed to be as arrogant and intractable as his dad.

Charles II had an awesome time (after restoration) and I reckon I’d have liked to have hung out with him. He knew how to have a good time.

Btw if you’re interested in a really fascinating book on the legality of the trial of Charles I, and subsequent illegality of Charles II’s revenge on those concerned, read Geoffrey Robertson book, The Tyrannicide Brief. He’s an excellent writer and the subject matter is fascinating (NOT a light read though!)



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  1. English history is always a fascinating subject. I’ve been struggling to think of a good australian historical figure or event to paint and my goodness we have a boring history!

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