Elephant in the room

Professionally, I’m a pessimist – a test analyst. I get to look at stuff in a corporate environment that other people are doing and point out what is broken or an issue or what will be an issue.

With me, this is both a personal life thing and a professional life thing. I suspect I’m a good tester cause I actually do see gaping holes and missing things or I can identify when something is horribly wrong. And I know some people find my brand of friendship at times challenging or awkward due to having to have hard conversations if something comes up that needs dealing with to stop issues going on further (there is a difference between meddling and dealing with issues, mind, I can’t stand meddlers…)

Every now and then something is so very horribly wrong and no one points it out or knows what to say or how to say it. The phrase I’ve always liked is ‘ignoring the elephant in the room’.

I like to say “LOOK AT THAT GIANT ELEPHANT!!!” I like to do this a lot. Even if I don’t like to do this, I do this!

Here is my elephant, the idea for this painting was triggered by something that occurred quite recently.

Elephant in the room

Elephant in the room

I really like his party hat and crazy eyes.

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