The Project Pool

A pool of project managers, business analysts, etc, are all scooped out of a massive pool, trudge around for a bit during the duration of the project, and then morph back into the giant pool.

the project pool

the project pool

If they are lucky they don’t fall off the precipice.

Each job title gets its own island.  You’re looking at the PM island here, the BA’s are on the one in the background. I am pretty sure the island in the background is the tester island – it’s higher (and better), as testing is better than all those other stinky IT project jobs. NOT THAT I AM BIASED.

This painting turned out way pretty even despite the sad faces of the team members. And far too like at least one bit of Star Trek Deep Space 9, but if you’ve not seen that I don’t want to spoil it for you. Surely everyone has seen DS9 by now?


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