I am clearly not over this dinosaur obsession yet. I needed a bit of a break from painting Henry VIII and the hadrosaur so i took to the skies and did a pterosaur. This one is from Lyme Regis (where i visited, being a bit of a fan of darwin), its called Dimorphodon.  I made him that colour cause, frankly, i had Indian Red on my palette left over from working on Henry VIII’s beard.


I’ve also been to Dover (crossed the channel back in 91), and those cliffs are very white indeed.

This is the first time I’ve painted water in any attempt at realism. I copied the general gist of it from a modern photo of a spitfire zooming over dover. It was remarkably fun to paint and get to not look boring. the waves along the cliff fronts were lots of fun to moosh up and add colour too as well.

The Cliffs and landscape looked entirely naff until i added the shading in and now I’m really pleased with them.

The other thing I’d never painted before was any sort of flying vehicle.  I am fond of a good WWII doco/movie/story (for a darn fine modern yarn about WWII read ‘The Chamomile Lawn’ by Mary Wesley). I had just finished watching ‘Wartime Farm’ – the BBC doco about the guys who did Victorian Farm, so I kind of had patriotic artwork on my mind.

Spitfires for all intents and purposes were a brilliant plane to fly and they did a good job of defense. And gosh they look pretty. They were actually quite fun to paint. I’ve tried to make them as realistic in shape and colour as possible as well, I’m sure there will however be spitfire geeks out there who will weep when they see my efforts!

I’ve been wracking my brains to think of a good Australian moment or person in history I want to paint. Ned Kelly is a bit done to death and there are very few recognizable non-extant figures in Australian history who are not politicians. I have no intentions of painting anyone who is currently still breathing (other than the Queen who is honorarily aussie as she’s our queen. I’m not actually a royalist btw.)

I came up with something more Australian to paint the other day- which includes megafauna and captain cook – but since what the English did when they landed here was to destroy and in effect enslave and steal from the native population of humans who were here first, I don’t really think I can paint it in any way other than satire against the arrogance and attitude of the Great British empire. I might do so, at any rate. I find with the current election I’ve gone remarkably political insofar as I think many members of both major parties should be taken out and fed to the plesiosaur tanks. I’m disgusted by the lack of humanity shown by both groups in their treatment of refugees and I’m equally disgusted that the future of the planet is being sold out by them both for short term gain.

Ok I will stop ranting now!