Sunset over wonga campground

I decided to paint a sunset landscape. The original was taken between Christmas and new year, when i was camping last year at Wyperfeld National Park.

This view was from a sand dune that overlooked the road and the trees on the horizon are on the edge of the dry lake at the campground (Lake Brimin. which is not at all brimming!).

I’m getting better at painting eucalyptus trees so they don’t look like multiple blobby lollipops on sticks. Also I liked the paper daisies in the dry grass at the front of the scene, and the stripes of sun that had broken through the treeline as the sun was setting.

Sunset, wonga campground

Wyperfeld has a bit of a problem with feral bees and I’d made the mistake of leaving the washing up stuff outside the front of the tent in the evening. Ok, i dropped a bowl of water and the bees rushed in to drink it. (I also set myself on fire but that’s a totally nother mistake and I have no photographs of that event…pity).

The entire area ended up crawling with bees, with the end result that we couldn’t get back into the tent until after the sun had gone down and the bees had gone to bed.

BEES! On the damp washing up sponge.


Oprah would be proud.

Thankfully I had my camera outside the tent, so for the hour we couldn’t get into the tent (the main issue was that the beer and the books were in the tent!) we wandered around and I snapped a lot of rather awesome sunset and post sunset pictures. Thanks bees, I might have missed all that if not for you!

I am terrible at photographing my art work as it relies on close up steady framing with carefully set up lighting and being a bit anal…(blergh!) but taking landscape shots is another thing entirely. I got a new camera for christmas and it just does most of the work for you, all that’s left to do is to frame a picture. I spent a lot of time looking for the sorts of things I wanted to paint and just taking shots of that.


The colour was glorious at this time of day. You can see our shadows stretched rather a long way over the dune.

Wyperfeld is made up of sand dunes. It’s 7 hours drive inland, mind, its in a very arid area. Any bits of Australia that far inland get not a lot of rain, and have very poor soils. You have to drive through hundreds of kms of wheat farming country to get to it, which is fascinating in of itself if you’re brought up in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Wheat silos are cool. Plus you get to go through a town called Donald. Hehehe. Donald.

This is the dry lake edge right near the camp ground.


Night time has struck! We’d forgotten to bring a torch which turned out to be just fine as the near-full moon was so bright you didn’t end up needing one.


And this one. I love taking the pretentious sunset lens flare shots.