Queen Liz and an apatosaurous

This was both the easiest and hardest painting.

But first, here is the end result!


The queen offers a flower to a rather large sauropod. I am calling it apatosaurous as it’s the only sauropod I can think of the name of right now (there being no such thing as a brontosaurous, of course!)

The queen worked a treat, I knocked her up lickety split.



I was really pleased with the way the queen came out, this was the least amount of shading and painting I’ve ever done to get a likeness of anyone.

What i was displeased with was that bloody dinosaur.
I painted it, thought, DONE! and then looked with fresh eyes later and realised I’d drawn the queen looking at a giant piece of poo.

I pointed this out to my friends who had come round for dinner (and to be fair, we had all had a bit to drink by then). They commented that it not only looked like giant sentient poo, it looked like the queen was stoned, and the giant poo was not looking directly at her, sort of like one of them was only imagining the other.

Like was the hallucination the queens, or the poos?  Also someone commented that it was a dick shaped poo.



Now there is a sentence you don’t write every day.

Anyway i went and added some scales, hoping to improved the situation.


I was over it by this point and I walked off in disgust a bit and had a bit of a tanty. Eventually I came back and sort of glazed over the whole affair with a much lighter wash, and so that the mottling receded somewhat.

I kind of like the fact this all happened. I’ve given up trying to make it look like something it’s not. The stoned queen can be offering a flower to a dick shaped but less poo coloured dinosaur for all the effs I give now. GOOD ON HER.  She’s the queen. She can do what she wants.